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Enjoy the versatility of this Free QR code generator. But keep it in mind, when you want a QR Code with a little more design worked in, check out my QR Code design service for a free quote.

10 Different QR Code Outputs – URL – Text – SMS – Phone Number – Vcard – MeCard – Location – Bookmark – WiFi – Email

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What Are QR Codes

Here you can get a quick overview of what QR Codes are along with a few ways to use them.


How Not To Use Your Codes

Scott Stratten’s UnMarketing Keynote at the NAMP conference, Enjoy his upbeat discussion on QR Codes and the ways not to use them. When used right your QR Code will serve you well but be careful not to use them in a way that will render them useless.


Code Doesn’t Have To Look Boring

Its worth Considering making the aesthetic values of your code blend in with the design of your project. While the standard black and white versions are adequate for the job it has to be said they are a little dull, By adding a little colour and a good design then put it into the right environment the difference would be like comparing a news paper to a magazine. The newspaper gets the job done and so does the magazine, just the magazine does it in a brighter more aesthetic manner.   Lets face it, With the ever increasing use of mobile devices QR Codes are here to stay and so we may as well make them look good.

QR Code Maker

Step 1
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Step 2

QR Code Generator Instructions

  1. URL – Enter full web address eg. http://www.example.com you wish to send your visitor to. (make sure it’s a mobile friendly responsive site you send them to)
  2. Text – Enter text you wish to be scanned onto mobiles.
  3. SMS – Enter Tel. Number you wish to have SMS sent and also add message eg. Feedback form.
  4. Tel – Simply add a phone number you wish others to upload to their devices.
  5. Vcard – Add your contact details as requested.
  6. Mecard – Add your details as requested.
  7. Location – add your location by address or coordinates.
  8. Bookmark – Enter title and web address.
  9. Email –  fill in the email address you want scanned into mobile device along with a message.
  10. WiFi – Fill in your Wifi Name and password for simple scan to surf.